Your Instructor, Guest Lecturers, & Clinicians

Aside from your Primary Instructor, Justin Stoney, we include Guest Lectures from experienced vocal pedagogues, researchers, doctors, working industry experts, & more.

Justin Stoney

Meet Your Instructor, Justin Stoney

Mr. Stoney is the Creator and Instructor of the NYVC Voice Teacher Training Program.

Justin Stoney is the Founder of New York Vocal Coaching, developer of the NYVC Voice Teacher Training Program, and author of the award-winning book Sing Like Never Before.

Justin has taught thousands of singers and voice teachers from around the world. His clients also include Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award-winning artists. He has been invited as a presenter for lectures and workshops both nationally and internationally for numerous conferences, appeared on multiple media outlets, including NBC, CBS, and ABC, and been featured in multiple publications, including The New York Times, Esquire, and SELF. He is a member of NATS, ViP, PAVA, VASTA, The Voice Foundation, Actors’ Equity, and SAG-AFTRA. Justin also collaborates with leading voice doctors and laryngologists to help bridge the gap between vocal pedagogy and voice medicine.

Justin is devoted to helping all people "Make A Joyful Noise" and passionate about helping Voice Teachers develop their teaching gifts and inspiring them to approach Voice Teaching as a craft and art-form.

Additional Guest Lecturers & Clinicians

The NYVC Voice Teacher Training includes guest speakers across a variety of domains and areas of expertise. Click on a Guest Lecturer to read more about them.