We our graduates, and they us too. Read some of the kind words our Voice Teacher Training & Certification alumni have for our program and instructors.

New York Vocal Coaching’s Voice Teacher Training was exactly what I was looking for when I decided I wanted to teach voice. The course material covered blew my mind during every class and helped me understand my own voice as a singer. Justin truly leaves no stone unturned and you leave, not only certified, but having enough information to teach voice for 5 lifetimes. Justin’s positivity and kindness allows the voice teacher student to grow lengths and bounds while building confidence as a teacher. I could not recommend this course more to seasoned teachers, to anyone who has ever thought about teaching, or even to singers who just want to learn about what is happening in their own vocal folds. This course changed the way I think about singing altogether and I feel more connected to my voice than ever before. I am so grateful to NYVC and to Justin for helping me unlock a passion I knew I had somewhere deep down. If you are considering taking this course, contemplate no more!

Emily Durand

Voice Teacher

NYVC Voice Teacher Training has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, both personally and professionally. Justin is a passionate and dedicated teacher that shows no bias toward a specific method or style, but rather helps you learn how a sound can be made in a sustainable way based off of a solid understanding of vocal anatomy and physiology. As a speech language pathologist specializing in voice rehabilitation, his dedication to accurate, reliable, and health-conscious vocal pedagogy was so important. I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to further understand both the science-based rationale and the practical application of vocal pedagogy concepts in singing voice habilitation/rehabilitation.

Jacob Lofland

Speech Language Pathologist

Justin Stoney's Voice Teacher Training reconditions your knowledge of the voice with a deep dive into vocal anatomy and diagnostic learning where the trainee emerges as a true technician.  Justin's own teaching style is infectious, inspiring, and entirely fine tuned. This course is a rare value in the music industry and will serve musicians, academics, and aspiring voice teachers alike.

Marc Smith

Musician, Recording Engineer

Justin Stoney is a wealth of knowledge and the biggest and best kind of music geek out there! He loves learning and sharing and it shows in the NYVC Voice Teacher Training & Certification Program. I was blown away by the specificity he uses and the detailed approach he takes in helping his students gain an understanding of not just the voice, but the body as well. His approach to singing is like none other, and it has completely transformed the way I sing in my own life and definitely the way I approach my students’ learning.

The course not only made me feel prepared and ready for new students but made me experiment with my own voice to perfect my sound. The material covered is worthy of years at a collegiate level but is never intimidating. Justin's willingness to answer every minor question you have, now or in the future, is a gift. He is a joy to learn from. Teaching with such a positive outlook really changes students inside and out. From our mock lessons to learning anatomy, I know I have someone with patience and passion teaching me. Not to mention, he is able to demonstrate everything! He control he has over his instrument is an inspiration of what can be. He makes everything so clear.

I am thrilled to have found Justin Stoney, and am honored to consider him my vocal guru!

Carla Stickler

Elphaba on Broadway and tour of WICKED, Broadway Actress and Voice Teacher

Justin is the most talented and enthusiastic vocal coach I've ever worked with. As an amateur singer, I have met many vocal coaches in my country but I couldn't find anyone that I was sincerely happy with. I was worried that it was my fault, and I ended up changing my path to become an ENT voice doctor. However, I still wanted to improve my singing. I continued to try studying voice, but I couldn't even understand voice theory. 

I finally met Justin through the "Voice Lessons to the World" YouTube series. His theory and performance were both perfect. After further research, I was motivated to participate in the Voice Teacher Training and Certification course. At first, I was worried about the tuition, but after finishing the course, my thoughts changed. I could never buy the knowledge and the joy this course brought me from anywhere else in the world. When I visited the US in 2018, I met some very famous vocal coaches, but Justin is still the best.

Included with the course is a private voice lesson with Justin. During this lesson, he solved several of my vocal problems that remained unsolved for a few years in just one hour!

I really recommend this course if you want to become a voice teacher. Thank you Justin!

Kunho Song

ENT Doctor, Singer

To me this course epitomizes excellence. Justin Stoney’s utter brilliance, passion for the voice, and commitment to his students are only matched by his immense kindness, patience, and humility. This course is a bargain—I know I received far, far more value than the amount I paid. Around every corner I was amazed by the way the information had been uniquely curated and synthesized, always with practicality in mind. I believe that everyone, no matter where they are on their teaching journey, would benefit greatly from this course and I cannot recommend it more highly.

Melissa Treinkman

DMA, University Professor of Voice

The VTT class was a thorough exploration of the human voice and the craft and the art of singing from the perspective of the instructor. The materials were excellent. I was in over my head but learned a great deal and am confident that through continued study of the materials and other resources NYVC provides I will continue to expand my knowledge. I am now able to solve problems that come up in the development of my material and am able to connect with audiences more effectively because I sing with greater confidence.

Singing and music have always been a fundamental part of my life. My mom was a good singer and my dad paid for her to record a song in a recording booth to pre-recorded music (probably sometime around 1950 in Las Vegas). I loved to listen to it! She used to dance with me while I would dry the dishes - she would lead. So music is imbued in me. I always thought I was a good singer. Hmm. Boy was I wrong! 

Meeting Justin changed my life musically speaking - which is to say it has changed my life. I am grateful to the Administrative Staff for taking my calls and finding a lesson spot for me and I am grateful to Justin for his kindness, patience, and willingness to share his knowledge with someone who knows so little. His actions are a model for how any expert can and should be.

When I started a band it was simply to see if I could do it, to learn more about music, and to have some fun. I was shocked by how hard every bit of it is/was. Every thing is a challenge, from finding the right gear, setting it up, managing the live sound, arranging the songs, finding the players, managing the egos, and playing your instrument. But the supreme challenge for me is singing. It is easy to sing poorly. It is super hard to sing well.

I now am pretty good at all of the things I listed above. And I think I am a pretty good singer. Vocal lessons alone would not have gotten me there - I am too analytical. This course on vocal pedagogy has given me the knowledge that the human voice is an instrument that can be managed to full capacity if one has knowledge and patience and is willing to practice. 

It is kind of a miracle that I got in with Justin and it is a blessing that you all allowed me to participate in this course. I love it and because of it I love singing. The course is a life-changer for me.

Mike Chutz

Voice Teacher, Singer

My teaching has risen to another level directly as a result of what I learned from Justin Stoney. Students are asking to transfer to me. They seem to like what they hear my students are doing! Justin said this would happen and it would become the way of change.  I am soo sooooo  grateful. I teach with a confidence I have never felt before and transferring that even to online teaching has not been difficult. In fact, I love it!

Lesley Perrin

Voice Teacher

Having been part of the NYVC Voice Teacher Training has become in the most enriching experience I have had in years. In Latin America, the knowledge of vocal training and physiology of the singing voice in the context of contemporary commercial music is very limited. From the first day of the course, Justin talked about vocal production so clearly and with updated and accurate information, not myths or beliefs. As a speech therapist and voice trainer, I want to be able to work from a solid foundation of knowledge that allows me the freedom to design my own methodology and tailor it to each singer in an effective and healthy way. Participating in the NYVC Voice Teacher Training has allowed me to complement my studies in vocology and get a better understanding about the process of vocal training. Also, as a part of the course my own voice has become stronger, freer and easier! So, as a singer, voice teacher, and vocologyst I have experienced an incredible development and growth with NYVC.

I am very grateful to the entire NYVC team and their work as trainers. Special thanks to Justin Stoney who is an excellent teacher and guide. Definitely I would live this incredible experience again!

Marcelo Saldías O’Hrens

Speech Pathologist/Vocologist, Singer and Voice Teacher

I had already been teaching voice for about five years in Japan, with tons of doubts and myths from the old school studies. In this 40-hour course I got so much great information, including anatomical studies, physics of the voice, and how the larynx works. Every lesson was amazingly great. The scales fell from my eyes! Now I have more confidence to teach, and I can combine this knowledge with my teaching experience.

As a singer, I really improved all of my registers and I know more about my voice. Justin changed my life as a singer, and also as a teacher. I adore not just his methods, but his philosophy of teaching. There is no same voice, so no same lessons. I highly recommend this course to voice teachers all around the world.

Mutsuko Kawamoto

Voice Teacher/Jazz Vocalist from Hiroshima, Japan

My time at the NYVC in 2017 was one of the richest professional development opportunities of my life. I am so grateful to Justin for his teaching, insight, knowledge, content delivery and open, honest discussions about our industry. I am a better teacher because of my time at the NYVC. Thanks to everyone who works there and continues to breed talented singers and voice teachers.

Tania Spence

Voice Teacher

I had been looking for a systematic and thorough continuous professional development/ education up to date with the latest scientific developments concerning singing techniques to widen and deepen my knowledge in this field. Justin Stoney with his systematic, research based and holistic approach of Teacher Training has enabled me to close all the gaps of knowledge in this particular field and thus has given me a new basis to continue my work as a singing teacher in a better and more profound way. His relaxed and cheerful way of teaching has helped me a lot to always perceive the enormous amount of input in a highly motivated manner along with great joy. He is a real Master Teacher and a true role model with his approach, his tools and his teaching personality.

Therefore I highly recommend this Teacher Training to everyone who wants to achieve the best for his/her students and who wants to make a real difference in ‘Voice Education and Training’. Thank you, Justin Stoney!!! FIVE STARS DELUXE!

Canan Uzerli

Voice Teacher

As a professional singer, it's important to understand how you make the sound you do. Justin's course went over, above and around all the awesome nerd stuff happening in my body on a daily basis.

The course not only made me feel prepared and ready for new students but made me experiment with my own voice to perfect my sound. The material covered is worthy of years at a collegiate level but is never intimidating. Justin's willingness to answer every minor question you have, now or in the future, is a gift. He is a joy to learn from. Teaching with such a positive outlook really changes students inside and out. From our mock lessons to learning anatomy, I know I have someone with patience and passion teaching me. Not to mention, he is able to demonstrate everything! He control he has over his instrument is an inspiration of what can be. He makes everything so clear.

In the future, whether I continue to teach or not, I know the information and education I learned here is invaluable.

Cassie Okenka

Broadway Performer School of Rock, Singer/Actress/Voice Teacher

The teacher training has been a true blessing in my life and as a teacher. Justin provides a truly invaluable explanation of all things pedagogical but the greatest gift that Justin gives is his contagious love of helping others through music. It is THE standout for his program. I went out to teach every day, with purpose, so excited to share the knowledge that I had ingrained just a little more fully due to his teaching. I feel very blessed to have been apart of this experience and I believe if anyone has the opportunity to take this training program, they should.

Kristy Bissell

Associate Voice Instructor New York Vocal Coaching

The New York Vocal Coaching Teacher Training Course is a fantastic vocal education program. I have studied many similar courses on the market, but I don't feel that any of them can touch Justin Stoney's course. I'm much more confident now as a voice teacher in working with a wide variety of age groups, student levels and vocal challenges. Justin is an excellent teacher and has an uncanny ability to make esoteric and/or difficult concepts and subjects easy to understand and user-friendly. I feel that I have greatly improved from taking this course, not just as a teacher, but also as a singer myself. My only wish is that there were an advanced course that I could take after finishing this one!

Jessica Callen

Instructor of Voice, Piano, Harp and Songwriting, Founder House of Sound Music

The NYVC Voice Teacher Training was exactly what I needed as I launched a voice studio. After many years studying with a variety of teachers, I had many questions about different ideas and contradictory techniques. This program helped me sift through all that information. Justin helped me express ideas that I knew intuitively but struggled to explain. I learned how specific we can be as teachers, and I grew to understand the voice in a much deeper way. This training has brought so much confidence to my work as a teacher and I cannot recommend it enough. Two bonuses: the program brings you into a community of trusted teachers to whom you can turn with questions, and the whole team at NYVC is wonderfully accommodating and flexible. This program can work into anyone's crazy schedule.

Mary Candler

Voice Teacher

This wonderful Voice Teacher Training program at NYVC with Justin Stoney allowed me to understand more about voice production and singing techniques, which will help me become a more integral therapist to provide and cover all kinds of voice needs variety. Justin spreads his passion for voice and increased the love for my job. Thank you, Justin!

Catherine Vega Cod

Voice Teacher

I am a private voice and piano teacher in Iowa. I learned about the New York Vocal Coaching company about 3 years ago, while searching for specific vocal exercises for my students. Immediately I was hooked. I watched Justin’s “Voice Lessons to the World” like an addict.

After a few months, I decided teaching was where I belonged. I had a great meeting with Justin via Skype to determine whether or not I was a good fit for his Teacher Training program. I received an enthusiastic “Yes!” And it happened. Fall of 2015 I was IN! And it was everything I DREAMED, and then some. And yes — this too was ALL available via Skype. And not ONCE did I feel the presentations inadequate, or that Skype interfered with my learning, or Justin’s ability to teach.

The techniques Justin teaches are truly “ahead of the game”. I learned things that weren’t even MENTIONED in my professional music education. I learned about misnomers, why they exist, why they are problematic… I learned about the LARYNX and how every little piece of it works (and that “NO”, it really isn’t about a low larynx all the time!) I learned about “twang”, proper belting techniques, breathing, physical modalities, formants, passaggi, and best of all, how to design the PERFECT exercise for pretty much any “problem” for any one singer. It — was — AMAZING.

What I got out of this program was more than just the BEST pedagogy, but taught in a way that encouraged me to think, allowed for me to question, and never ONCE made me feel “dumb” or less than. Justin is an AMAZING teacher. He truly has a passion for what he does. His information is flawless (really, the guy studies for “fun”!), his information is up to date (music education is behind by about 70 years!), and his professionalism will not bend for ANYTHING. Justin teaches how to teach by example. With him, you truly can learn by watching him. He works exceedingly hard to be a good mentor, and a good example. The effect Justin has had on MY teaching, is nothing short of miraculous. I have the information, and the confidence, to teach any style of music, to any singer. Everything I do in my lessons today, is intentional. And you can never go wrong when that’s the case!

The really fun part, is when music majors from other colleges come to me and say (after one lesson), “Ohhh… I get it now!” If you are looking for an AMAZING training program, with what I consider to be THE best vocal coach/teacher out there, the New York Vocal Coaching Company Teacher Training Program is THE best. Justin really does, “leave no stone unturned” in his program. And — you’ll have a LOT of fun doing it!!

Regina Noel Downing

Founder The Regina Noel Music Studio

Being a teacher, I am always interested in knowing and understanding whatever I'm doing to the point of being able to teach it and share it. Having taken voice lessons at NYVC, I noticed that Justin was giving teacher training courses. I jumped at the opportunity to work with the founder of the NYVC studio.

After watching some of his YouTube channel, I knew he would make a fantastic teacher who would unselfishly and passionately teach everything he knew. The vocal teaching world is full of semantics and vague information, and Justin cuts everything up into clear, concise and coherent info. You can see this just by watching his YouTube channel.

Even before the course's end, I was confident enough to give my first paid professional lesson! I had the ability to determine a vocal range and register, design custom exercises and present these to the student confidently. There's nothing like showing somebody their ability to sing and use their instrument and I owe Justin Stoney for that gift.

I teach voice now to my school students, enabling them to find their voice early on and can help the speech therapists with specific problems. I also am building my client base.

Rafael Farhi

Voice Teacher/Cantorial Singer

I took Justin's Introductory Vocal Coach training in 2016. Prior to this experience I taught mainly from intuition. After studying with Justin I have a great deal of science and the developments of thousands of years of musical pedagogy to back up (or contradict) what I was previously teaching. Justin knows vocal training inside and out, so if you are looking for an expert, you've found him. I watched him teach, and he was completely available to every student and able to adapt fluidly to a wide range of needs and styles.

Renee Finkelstein

Voice Teacher

I entered into the 40 hour Voice Teacher Training course excited to expand my knowledge on the voice, and it exceeded all my expectations. Every week I was learning so much brand new information, that I didn’t even know that I didn’t know! Everything was so clearly laid out, well explained and presented in a truly interesting way. I was able to address any concerns and myths that I had been told in the past about the voice, and there was definitely a few of those! Justin was always incredibly helpful in answering all my questions, never unsure of anything and I came away from the course feeling confident and happy to teach.

I believe this course will help any voice teacher, from those just starting out like myself to teachers who have been teaching for years. I can go into my lessons knowing I am able to give my students the best and most accurate knowledge, and help them with their voice knowing I’ll be able to make a true change. I have more knowledge of the voice after this course than I ever thought I could have, and I am so grateful to be able to share it with others.

Skye Hadley

Voice Teacher

The Voice Teacher Training has been a wonderful experience for me! I have learned so many new things in every lesson and now I am using them in my daily work both as a singer and a teacher.

Everyone at the NYVC has shown me so much generosity. Justin Stoney is an amazing Voice Teacher and it has been a blessing and a privilege to attend his classes. I have learned so much from Justin’s teaching and by his way of explaining complicated things in a way that is easily understood.

One thing I really liked was watching Justin teaching different students, and to be able to ask questions about different choices he made in his teaching. This was a perfect way of learning how to teach!

I am really happy for the Voice Teacher Training and I would truly recommend it to anyone who is searching for a Teacher Training Course!

Lina Hager

Voice Teacher from Sweden

Justin catapults your voice and teaching career to a whole new level. The New York Vocal Coaching’s approach is anatomy driven and equips students with the perfect knowledge of the inner workings. I call it “the Vocal Clockwork behind the Voice”. The amazing research, devices and mechanics spring into action, and once one area is strengthened the whole singing system falls into place. An intelligent, fun and streamlined Teacher Training Course that gives generously. A Road Map to students, Momentum, and a Vocal Clock Work Key to open up a World of Vocal Mastery!

Vicky Hicks

Vocal Coach located in Strawberry Hill, London

When I came to New York Vocal Coaching Voice Teacher Training, I was looking for a program that would be able to take the knowledge that I had already acquired from previous teachers and my experience in teaching and fill in the gaps of where I felt there were holes. I was specifically looking for a more in-depth look at the anatomy of the voice and the “why” and the “how” vocal cords work. Not only did I find exactly what I was looking for in this program, but so much more! I could never have imagined the amount of knowledge that I would learn from such a short program. Even with all of my college and professional training, I had never been involved in such an intensive course.

No other program can offer what this course offers. I researched several different programs in several different states and found that not only did New York Vocal Coaching have exactly what I was looking for, but the credentials to back it up. The possibilities after completing this course are endless and allow you to truly mature into the best possible vocal instructor you can be. Justin is personable, professional and completely capable. He teaches at your level and pushes you to reach past your own expectations. He gives you the tools to succeed as a vocal instructor. I came away from the course not only a hundred times more capable, but excited to teach.

Sara Jane Isom

Voice Teacher/Musical Theatre Singer

NYVC Teacher Training Course is just fantastic. I was having too much practice with the teachers who misguide you and insist that they are knowing and you are not. Now I’m sure I know and I want to help others to find the right concepts and reveal the wrong ones. And you won’t even need a certificate after training like this – you will be confident enough. Also it’s very inspiring just to see Justin as he is the greatest example of a person who is living right in the moment.

Sergey Kachaev

Voice Teacher from Russia

As a music director for a theatre company, the NYVC Voice Teacher Training and Certification program with Justin Stoney gave me so many more tools to give specific individual help to each cast member, especially the leads. I’ve been using the vocal exercises as warm ups at the start of rehearsal. From doing this, I’ve noticed that everyone in the cast has increased their vocal range throughout the rehearsal process. After taking this course I have a much bigger sense of what I want to hear in each cast members’ voice and how to get it! I’m very thankful to have learned from someone like Justin who has so much passion, energy, and knowledge.

Jaime Johnson

Professional Music Director

Justin is not only one of the most joyful human beings and nurturing vocal coaches I have ever met, but he completely devotes his life to music and his students. The love for his work, which I believe, is his true calling, emits from within and reflects in his teachings and all his classes. I believe, that is one of the reasons why he understands so well, how to unveil one’s true vocal essence.

“Every voice is unique and no voice sounds the same.” That is one the most valuable sentences I have internalized and learned from Justin's Voice Teacher Training as well as his private vocal lessons.

Apart from improving my technical singing abilities, Justin has helped me to be more appreciative and accepting of my own voice. Because Justin is also a great musician and accompanist, he has been able to support the growth of my original material. Every time I leave Justin’s class, I feel highly inspired and confident to follow my dreams and to keep working on reaching my goals.

What’s so special about Justin is that his passion is combined with a vast knowledge about the voice which he is continuously expanding. That is one of the many reasons I chose to do the Voice Teacher Training with New York Vocal Coaching. I learned to understand my instrument on a much deeper level. Due to Justin’s teachings I have acquired profound insight into the voice. I’ve gained clarity about breathing, the anatomy of the voice and connected muscles, vocal registration, vocal compression, resonance, style, the physical body, vocal exercise design, vocal health as well as voice teaching and psychology to name a few.

If you are seeking an in-depth understanding of your instrument and how to teach as well as design voice exercises for your own students, you are certainly at the right place. If you are looking to get to the bottom of your questions and finally understand how to belt, mix, vocal fry, whistle tone and approach different vocal styles, Justin is your guy. I don’t think you could be in better hands with either your instrument or your aspiration to be a voice teacher.

Leyla Mesic

Singer/Songwriter and Voice Teacher from Switzerland

I never dreamed I would discover everything that I discovered in the Voice Teacher Training Course. Justin gave me so many tools to help my voice students. I improved a lot as a voice teacher and also as a singer. It helped me to be able to really understand my students needs and how to solve their problems. The course covers anything you can think of and more. My favorite part was the vocal exercise design. It opened a whole new world to me. It’s been the best investment of my life. I would take the course over and over and over again!

Maria Millet

Professional Singer and Voice Teacher from Barcelona, Spain

Justin Stoney is an incredible teacher. After years of university vocal training, I came to him still uncertain about many areas of my vocal technique. I left from the NYVC Voice Teacher Training with the clarity I felt like I have been missing! He helped me consolidate my ideas in a way I would not have been able to if I had not participated in this program. Justin taught me how to break down vocal barriers- which was huge for me- and made me a better Voice Teacher and vocalist. Justin’s teaching is based on facts, not just theory, and this is proven through the results of his students. I would highly recommend participating in this program, because it will allow you to use truth through your Voice Teaching and own vocal abilities.

Danielle Klimowicz

Voice Teacher/Opera Singer/Soprano

I couldn't imagine that this course could improve my knowledge and skills to this extent.
 Justin is an amazing teacher, he compiled all the material needed to make you an exceptional voice teacher. He also has a great talent of teaching. No one will regret having this course.

Youssef Mikhail

Voice Teacher

The New York Vocal Coaching Teacher Training Course offered me the further training and opportunity in which to immerse myself that I was looking for. My compliments to Justin for providing a well-organized and relevant training whereby all facets of the voice, vocal use, and vocal training were covered- both from a technical perspective as well as performance perspective. It’s one of the few courses which is not out to create an army of “followers”, but one which puts the creativity and personality of the vocal coach first. The overall potential of the voice and how it could be further trained is clearly set out and demonstrated. This without influencing the individuality of either the student or the vocal coach, but by stimulating and motivating their creativity — unique and inspiring!

Martin Mol

Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach from Amsterdam, Netherlands

If I could encourage an individual to do one thing during their musical journey, it would be to take the Voice Teacher Training Course at New York Vocal Coaching.

Mr. Stoney equips participants with all the knowledge necessary to become successful voice teachers and vocalists. His mastery of the voice and how it operates is remarkable and it is absolutely fascinating to experience.

The course is so well organized, and what I am so thankful for is how encouraging an environment Mr. Stoney offers his students. His passion for music is evident and he truly has a gift for teaching that is a blessing to accept.

I am very humbled to have taken part in this course and it pleases me to say that studying under the direction of Mr. Stoney has made my confidence in singing and voice teaching skyrocket! I never thought I would feel this confident in music until I came to NYVC.

Thank you very much to the wonderful Administrative Staff; always a pleasure!

Mr. Stoney—thank you once again for this incredible experience! It has been an honor!

Dana Nuzzo

Voice Teacher, Pop/Rock singer, and Flutist

Being a professional singer and knowing the way I do things is completely different from being able to explain what’s happening with my voice on the inside… and Justin Stoney of NYVC has taught me everything there is to know about all of that. I have never met somebody so full of vocal knowledge and so eager to share it all with the world. It has truly been a blessing to have known Justin and to have been taught his ways of voice teaching. Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!

Emi Pellegrino

Voice Teacher & Professional Singer

Justin Stoney is absolutely amazing. 2017 was an eye opener year for me, I came to the realization that I needed to develop as a Musician and a long-term Vocal Coach. While browsing the net looking for online classes to take I came across Justin Stoney's New York Vocal Coaching Course. It's one of the best decisions I've made, with no regrets. I have learnt so much, grown so much as an artistic individual. Thanks to Justin Stoney NYVC I'm now equipped with knowledge and certified.

Suzanne Perkins

Singer, Performer, Voice Teacher

I came to New York Vocal Coaching as a singer and aspiring teacher. I took their 10 hour introductory voice teacher training course taught by Justin Stoney. Through the course I worked on my own voice, learned about proper vocal technique and how to teach that to my students. As a vocalist I was amazed at how, in just a couple of hours, Justin got me to access my voice in a way that I never had before. My range improved, my singing became more effortless, and I was able work on and access all my vocal registers. My audience could already make out a difference at my next show after only 2 hours of voice teaching!

As a teacher, I was given a lot of information about the voice and vocal technique but in an easy, concise way. The method is based in science which makes it fool-proof. Being able to understand how the voice works in a scientific way made me a more confident voice teacher - I now have the ability to work on a voice with the correct technique and use the right vocabulary to communicate with my students as opposed to going “by feel”. This is a huge skill that NYVC has given me. The whole experience was eye-opening and informative. Furthermore, the environment at NYVC was warm and encouraging, thereby facilitating a perfect learning environment. I cannot wait to go back for the full 40-hour teacher training course!

**Samyutka has since taken both the 40-hour Teaching Training and the Advanced Teacher Training.

Samyukta Ranganathan

Carnatic Music Voice Teacher/ Indian Classical Singer/ Rock singer

Justin has created something truly special with his voice teacher training. A genuine master of voice teaching, he’s able to consolidate even the most complex aspects of vocal pedagogy into something that’s very attainable in understanding and utilisation for others. He provides all the voice teaching tools you could need to know about, their application, and crucially how to infinitely adapt them. This puts you in the rather unique position of essentially knowing everything you need to know, before you’ve perhaps even taught a lesson! That is the real x factor of the course, it purposely accounts for the fact that mastery is primarily achieved through experience. Justin’s voice teacher training which is grounded in science, vocal technique truths, unlimited training tools and boundless inspiration provides the optimum kick start to this process. So when you then go out into the world of teaching you’ll be able to mindfully, confidently and intelligently cultivate how you will uniquely teach.

Michael Reynolds

Voice Teacher based in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

I never imagined I would learn as much as I did throughout the NYVC Teacher Training—I didn’t understand how much I COULD know. This training has allowed me to peek, “behind the curtain” so that I can properly understand what is really going on when we sing. I love that through understanding the physiology of how the voice works I can be intentional when creating warm-ups and technical exercises, and it’s true, the right exercise will do the work for you!

I loved learning and this is just the beginning. I feel so equipped to teach now, but I also understand that my journey has just begun. Thank you so much Justin, I am so excited about the future!

Juanita Robinson

Voice Teacher from Canada

Justin’s Voice Teacher Training Program is an absolute treasure. Vocal concepts ranging from fundamental to complex are all made crystal clear through Justin’s masterful teaching style. Just a few months ago, there were aspects of the singing voice that I thought were too elusive to grasp, even with years of experience under my belt. Justin demystified every element of the vocal experience, so I now feel equipped to tackle any obstacle that may come up in a voice lesson, or in my own singing. Although it seemed there were no stones left unturned in this course, Justin is incredibly generous with his willingness to answer any questions that might come up. His breadth of knowledge is extraordinary, and his genuine interest in gaining the fullest possible understanding of the human voice is inspiring and contagious. Justin and the team at NYVC have been nothing but kind, supportive, and professional throughout the entire experience. I HIGHLY recommend this wonderful course—your own singing, your teaching abilities, and your students will all benefit immensely!

Sydney Sahr

Voice Teacher, Singer, Songwriter, and Recording Artist

NYVC's Voice Teacher Training is such an amazing tool for us singers. I've been singing since the age of 12 and can honestly say I felt like I was learning about the voice in a way I never have before. What a truly eye-opening experience! I live a good distance from NYC and also work full-time, but I was still able to digest everything thrown at me via video. And Justin and his team were always willing to make themselves available to answer the billions of questions I had throughout the training. :)

I've wanted to be a vocal coach for a while, but I was determined to fully understand the voice before diving into that world…something we sometimes undervalue. The course is jam-packed with awesome information, and I'm really excited to start teaching voice next year!!

Kyleen Shaw

Voice Teacher

My time at the NYVC in 2017 was one of the richest professional development opportunities of my life. I am so grateful to Justin for his teaching, insight, knowledge, content delivery and open, honest discussions about our industry. I am a better teacher because of my time at the NYVC. Thanks to everyone who works there and continues to breed talented singers and voice teachers.

Tania Spence

Voice Teacher

During the NYVC Voice Teacher Training with Justin Stoney, my mind was literally blown away by the conceptually sound, scientifically grounded and revolutionary coursework material that was covered. Not only did I benefit intellectually as a student of the voice, my way of thinking as a teacher truly broadened. In addition, Justin often encouraged dialogue and open discussion among all course participants and I learned a lot from that too.

In my private lessons with Justin, I have learned to sing in ways that I never dreamed I could, to reach notes I never thought I had, and to experience music with so much joy and passion I never knew was humanly possible. As a master voice technician, Justin is consistently focused on helping me improve on my methods of vocal production, and he does this with a relentless determination to achieve positive results while at the same time, maintaining such a kindness with mistakes, repeated attempts, and the vulnerabilities that inevitably surface when one is struggling as a singer to grow.

As the founder of NYVC, Justin exudes an entrepreneurial spirit of constant sharing and giving which is both magnanimous and forward-thinking that I find this an inspiring strength that I would like to emanate as a teacher myself. Among the many things I have learned from Justin, the most important one for me has been his generosity — a trait I never knew so keenly as I do now that is integral to being a true artist.

And so, to anyone reading this trying to decide whether or not to embark on a meaningful journey of growth as a singer or voice teacher with NYVC, I fully recommend you wait no longer, but begin your beautiful voyage of self-discovery and musical maturation with Justin and his wonderful team.

Genevieve Toh

Professional Voice Teacher, Pianist, and Singer from Singapore

I flew half the world from Bangkok to New York to complete the NYVC Voice Teacher Training with Justin after Skypeing with him for the Lecture Section of the course for 10 or 12 weeks. Due to the distance, the entire process took months, a whole lot of coordination, hours and hours on the plane, and many other things- including battling through some helplessly bad internet connections. But if you asked whether I would do it again, I would joyfully sing you a resounding YES. Ten thousand times YES! Justin always says that everyone is different and it is the job of voice teachers to teach to the individuals- something that would require from us superior knowledge of the voice, trained ears, impeccable professionalism, and a desiring heart that is always ready to understand. Justin has all of that and more. My time in New York was magical.

I came home having discovered miraculous improvement to my own voice and equipped with such excitement and strength of mind to teach. I have also witnessed how hard Justin works and how determined he is to make sure he gives the best lessons to all his students. The experience has been incredible, awesome, and life-changing -- one that you never want to end! Thank you Justin and NYVC! You are amazing, amazing, amazing. For those of you considering studying at NYVC, here is my ten thousand times cheers for you to do so. Rest assured that greatness will ensue!

Padcha Tuntha-Obas

Voice Teacher/Classical Singer from Bangkok, Thailand

I had been looking for a systematic and thorough continuous professional development/ education up to date with the latest scientific developments concerning singing techniques to widen and deepen my knowledge in this field. Justin Stoney with his systematic, research based and holistic approach of Teacher Training has enabled me to close all the gaps of knowledge in this particular field and thus has given me a new basis to continue my work as a singing teacher in a better and more profound way. His relaxed and cheerful way of teaching has helped me a lot to always perceive the enormous amount of input in a highly motivated manner along with great joy. He is a real Master Teacher and a true role model with his approach, his tools and his teaching personality.

Therefore I highly recommend this Teacher Training to everyone who wants to achieve the best for his/her students and who wants to make a real difference in ‘Voice Education and Training’. Thank you, Justin Stoney!!! FIVE STARS DELUXE!

Canan Uzerli

Voice Teacher

Justin is THE TEACHER you need not only to develop your technique and style in a natural and efficient way as a singer, but to get the knowledge in all aspects if you want to become a successful Vocal Coach. It was a true breakthrough to find someone like him searching online and to finally meet him in person was even better.

I am a Voice Teacher and Choir's Director from Spain, but most of my students are from Rock. The training he provides is the best investment I have ever done. Not only he has the knowledge: he has the vision, the care, the words, energy and spirit to turn you into the best Vocal Coach you could ever possibly imagine you could be. He is truly a mentor, a coach of coaches and he really cares.
Thank you so much for everything, Justin. You are an inspiration to me and I promise that I will continue growing as a Voice Teacher to fulfill your confidence in me.

Gema Vau

Professional Rock Singer and Voice Teacher from Spain

I came upon the Voice Teacher Training Program because my teacher, Marcelo Saldías, told me about it. His lessons were so great and helped my voice so much that I felt like I needed to improve myself as a voice teacher as well. The certification exceded my expectations. Not only is Justin a wonderful teacher, full of energy and always happy to help and answer your questions, but the course is organized in a way that makes learning fun and easy. I had learned some of the anatomy and physiology topics in my previous experience as a voice therapist, but the way Justin explains it, and the strategies he teaches were completely new for me. I can say that now I understand the singing voice much better and that I can manage to work with singers and have confidence that what I am teaching them will help them find their voice and develop their vocal potential from a healthy, evidence-based, effective and fun perspective.

Maria Teresa Bertucci

Voice teacher

I can definitely say that taking this course was one of the best experiences in my life.

Before I took this course, I'd been a huge fan of the VLTTW YouTube videos because I liked how Justin teaches complicated vocal theory in a very easy-to-understand and fun way. I was also astonished by his own vocal technique, and most importantly, the way he teaches the joy of singing. I decided to take this course because I wanted to be able to teach students like he does, and spread the joy of singing to my people.

From the first class, I had so many things to learn. Lectures are divided into many sections, from basic breathing section to a very fun vocal exercise design section. I noticed how each component is really important and how they all relate to each other.

Most of the time I participated via Skype because I live in Japan. I was wondering if taking the course via Skype would work or not, but it did work. I could ask so many questions via Skype and he always gladly answered them. I was glad that I could participate at home.

Eventually, I went to NYC for ten days. Being there, I could observe so many of his lessons. Since this was around the end of the course, I could experience first-hand how he applied these techniques that I learned. Of course, being able to meet him and friends in-person, and also experience the atmosphere there was a great experience.

Now that I have finished the whole course, I feel like I have so much more confidence in teaching voice, and I also feel like I have a lot more to explore on the journey of singing.

I cannot thank Justin and the NYVC staff enough for what they have given to me. Now it’s time for me to give what I have to my students. I highly recommend this course to whoever wants to improve their voice teaching skill, or whoever loves singing!

Takahisa Sato


The NYVC Voice Teacher Training & Certification course is a truly fantastic education program. There are many things you would never even consider in becoming a successful Vocal Teacher, including all of the factors that go into just breathing and the anatomy of the voice! My favorite subject was learning about the vocal cords because is the most important part of singing! There were also many opportunities to interact with other teachers. We could observe first-hand what successful techniques they use to teach, and we also had time afterwards for exchanging opinions regarding these techniques. All of this valuable information has given me a wonderful start towards becoming a great vocal teacher.

Ji Hyun

Vocal Coach

The NYVC Voice Teacher Training & Certification course was indeed an eye-opener for me! This intense course is overflowing with educational and helpful material; every single piece of information is important. Justin targets and elaborates on every important topic for singers, teachers, and speakers.

What makes him stand out is how he relays the material, and how he makes it understandable for viewers that primarily speak other languages. In my course, there were students from Japan, South Korea, South America, and Germany. Seeing Justin successfully work through language barriers was very inspirational! Justin makes it so easy. He is so energetic and showcases the terms with many metaphors in order for everyone to understand it!

If you want a comprehensive experience in a compact course, then I highly recommend this! Two additional highlights of the course for me was teaching a practice lesson observed by Justin and hearing a presentation from Dr. Pitman (an ENT physician from Columbia University Medical Center). Both of these highlights gave me unique knowledge and feedback.

Tania Levy

Voice Teacher

I am so glad that I was able to find Justin Stoney and New York Vocal Coaching when I did, and doubly glad that I could attend the voice teacher training program in person. Justin balances the course from the basics to the intricacies so well that no matter your level of prior training (or the lack of it), you never feel overwhelmed or disengaged. His level of knowledge is amazing, however, his child-like enthusiasm and positive approach to the craft is what kept me hooked on. He starts every lesson with the emphasis on creating a positive environment, and that is what percolates through every lesson and interaction and NYVC. I do hope that I am able to come back for the intensive course, but first, I gotta do me some teachin’!

Abhijeet Ranade

Voice Teacher

As a music director for a theatre company, the NYVC Voice Teacher Training and Certification program with Justin Stoney gave me so many more tools to give specific individual help to each cast member, especially the leads. I’ve been using the vocal exercises as warm ups at the start of rehearsal. From doing this, I’ve noticed that everyone in the cast has increased their vocal range throughout the rehearsal process. After taking this course I have a much bigger sense of what I want to hear in each cast members’ voice and how to get it! I’m very thankful to have learned from someone like Justin who has so much passion, energy, and knowledge.

Jaime Johnson

Music Director

I had the opportunity to know New York Vocal Coaching five years ago for a singing class with Mr. David McCall and I left the studio amazed by the experience I had that day. Today, five years later, and am already working as a singing teacher in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), I was luckily accepted for the NYVC Voice Teacher Training in New York City. Attending to this course in person was a challenging choice I made, but worth every second of it. The course was absolutely wonderful and I strongly recommend it. As a theatre professional myself, and also as a singing teacher, I have found Mr. Stoney a resourceful, interesting, and devoted teacher. It is my personal opinion that Mr. Stoney brings his theatre creativity and enthusiasm to all his business pursuits including the Vocal Pedagogy.

Hugo Kerth

M.F.A., actor, and singing teacher

A mind-blowing journey of vocal myth-busting and a fruitful, world-class learning experience! Dedicated, passionate, supportive and patient, Justin made learning all the intricate voice science and vocal pedagogy fun and exciting! 

This course covers not only the technical aspect of voice teaching but also the related medical, business, even psychological and philosophical aspects plus an insightful look into the industry from a broadway guest speaker. With the belief that voice is a significant part of one’s identity and singing is a soulful event, this course prepared me to help singers make a joyful noise tailoring to their individual needs.

During the one-on-one session with Justin, I was amazed at how my high notes were transformed instantly as if he cast a magical spell on my voice. I’m truly honored for the opportunity to study with a true master of the craft!

Thank you Justin and the New York Vocal Coaching team for this wonderful course and all the support & assistance online and offline!

Chang Wang

Voice Teacher/Singer/Filmmaker

I have to share something that happened in a lesson yesterday. I have a student singing “I Know the Truth” from the musical Aida. She just hasn’t been able to belt that D5 at the very end on “it shocks me.”

Before our lesson, I went into my Vocal Exercise Design notes and tried to find the right exercise combination to help us achieve this belt. I decided to go with syllable “da” and had her vacillate between the B4 and the D5 on a short da on both notes over and over again. Then I had her slide back and forth on one da between the B4 and D5. Finally, I had her try it on the lyric from the song and it was like bam... she belted it perfectly! And now, it’s consistent. We sang through the song 2 more times and she NAILED it!

The reaction she had was one of the most rewarding moments I’ve had in online lessons and honestly it just reinvigorated my love of teaching. I was so delighted to see such tangible fruit from my study in the NYVC Voice Teacher Training.

That’s all thanks to YOU GUYS! Thank you so much for everything you’ve taught me. I feel like I am such a better equipped educator and I have learned so much.

Stephanie Morey-Barry

Voice Teacher, Performer

Learning from Justin was an absolute joy! His lessons were clear comprehensive and well structured. He also has a rare & wonderful way of making sure that every student feel seen, engaged and believed in, even in a course about theory. My advice is that if you have the opportunity to learn from a master in any field, take it!

Sammy Hampton


I really enjoyed the Voice Teacher Training and Certification course. It’s an informative and very useful course. Mr. Justin Stoney is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced voice teacher, who is the best voice teacher I have ever met. I like the way he teaches. His examples were very relevant and I gained a lot of insight from him.   Everything was great and it was a pleasant learning experience. It certainly helped fill a number of knowledge gaps. This is a really good and useful course that I will definitely recommend to others.

Andy Yeung

Singer, Stage Production Services

I completed the NYVC Teacher Training course, and I have to say it far exceeded my expectations, and was exactly what I was looking for. Even though I have been a music director for local theatre productions for over 30 years, I never had formal voice technique training. This course takes you from the physiology aspects of the voice, right through some of the more practical aspects, such as teacher etiquette, logistical tips, and best practices in setting up a studio of your own. Most beneficial was having students come into class for their full lessons so we could see and learn first-hand. I would highly recommend NYVC for whatever your needs are. The staff is always friendly and welcoming, and you’re not going to find anyone as passionate about vocal teaching as Justin!

Mario Cruz

Music Director

The New York Vocal Coaching Voice Teacher Training has been one of the best experiences of my life. After I finished my Vocal Technique, Musicianship, and other courses at Berklee Online College of Music I was looking at ways to enhance my voice teaching skills. I went through multiple options and stumbled upon this course. I then started watching Mr. Stoney’s amazing YouTube videos, bought his riveting book ‘Sing Like Never Before’ and decided to apply.

I don’t know how this happened but I thank God for leading me on this path. Justin Stoney is truly one of the best teachers ever. The course is exhaustive, informative, entertaining, and full of soul.

To give you a perspective, I am from India and given the time difference I had to attend this class from 3am-7am. Even though it was the wee hours of the night / early morning I was wide awake, excited and would hate it when class ended. But that’s the power, goodness and energy of the course and the wonderful teacher Justin Stoney. And you can feel this energy all across the team at the school. Right from the first day to date the administrative staff has been kind, hardworking and extremely supportive. The super talented and awesome Andy King who we learnt so much from, through our weekly Listening Guide sessions (I take voice lessons from him and he’s fantastic).

If you want to be an amazing voice teacher this is a course you should do. Not only did I learn how to be a good teacher but I learnt how to be a better and a more joyful person! Thank you Justin, Andy, & New York Vocal Coaching. God bless and all the best!

Tatum D’Souza

Founder of The Vocal Studio India

I loved the NYVC Teacher Training course. I reached out to Justin by email a few years ago, with doubts on my future as a singer and teacher. I was going through some singer dilemmas and wanted to get some advice on what was the best for me. He presented this course to me and I thought I wasn’t fit for it, that I was too amateur and that I didn’t have the economic stability I needed at that moment. Justin’s assistant was so kind to remind me every start of course that I could join if I was able to. It took me 3 years to decide to finally do it.

This might be your case... you might feel you are not ready or that it is not the right time for you. I felt that way. But let me tell you, once I got in the course, the very first class I KNEW I was in the RIGHT PLACE. It was a wonderful feeling, I couldn’t believe I had waited so long, but it was all worth it. Deciding to take the course was a leap of faith to me. Maybe the pandemic made me realize I can’t be waiting forever, but now I know I shouldn’t wait for things to happen, but go for what I believe is for me. And this course was definitely right for me.

I feel inspired, ready to teach with more joy and optimism, ready to keep learning, knowing that it is a continuous and exciting journey. I feel proud of myself for having achieved this milestone in my career as a voice teacher.

Anaité Caycho Verástegui

Voice Teacher