Three courses.
A library of vocal science.
One singular vision.

50-Hour Voice Teacher Training & Certification

The 50-Hour Voice Teacher Training & Certification is the comprehensive vocal pedagogy course offered by New York Vocal Coaching. This program equips any new or veteran voice teacher with all the tools they need to teach vocal technique for all styles of singing: classical, contemporary, musical theater, pop, jazz, and everything in between. The NYVC Voice Teacher Training includes very thorough and in-depth lectures on all aspects of vocal pedagogy. The course also includes observation, private study, master classes, and a guided teaching practicum. Graduates emerge fully prepared to begin their own vocal studio, take their current teaching practice to exciting new levels, and understand their own vocal technique in greater ways than ever before.

10-Hour Advanced Voice Teacher Training Mini-Course

Graduates of the NYVC Voice Teacher Training & Certification are welcome to continue their studies in the future with the Advanced Voice Teacher Training Mini-Course. These additional sessions are only for graduates of the full Voice Teacher Training course who would like to further explore their voice teaching craft. The Advanced Mini-Course can also serve as a refresher for graduates who are running successful vocal studios, but would like to sharpen their voice teaching with even more information and inspiration. Graduates are welcome to expand upon their Voice Teacher Training and Certification with this additional course. For those who are really passionate about teaching voice, sometimes 50 hours still aren’t enough!

10-Hour Introductory Voice Teacher Training Mini-Course

The NYVC Introductory Voice Teacher Training Mini-Course is ideal for international or out-of-state students traveling to New York for a short time. Voice teachers often travel to NYC seeking pedagogical information and training to further their teaching practice. The Introductory Mini-Course allows participants to explore many of the benefits of the Voice Teacher Training & Certification in a short time frame. This training is not a prerequisite to the standard training. It is simply another option for those unable to participate in the full training. Introductory Mini-Course graduates are still eligible for participation in the 50-Hour Voice Teacher Training & Certification after completing this course.

Dedicated to the craft. Devoted to the calling

I was blown away by the specificity Justin uses and the detailed approach he takes in helping his students gain an understanding of not just the voice, but the body as well. His approach to singing is like none other, and it has completely transformed the way I sing in my own life and definitely the way I approach my students’ learning.

Carla Stickler

Carla Stickler Elphaba on Broadway and tour of WICKED, Broadway Actress and Voice Teacher

Reach a Masterful Understanding of Vocal Pedagogy

The New York Vocal Coaching Voice Teacher Training & Certification program was created by Justin Stoney, the founder of New York Vocal Coaching and one of the leading teaching talents in today’s vocal community.. It's designed for aspiring and experienced voice teachers seeking to perfect their teaching craft.

Unlike several other voice teacher certifications, the NYVC Voice Teacher Training is not a “method.” Instead, a great variety of techniques, concepts, and ideas from the world of cutting-edge vocal science and vocal pedagogy are explored. Teachers gain a comprehensive understanding of vocal pedagogy and learn a wide multitude of technical, physical, and psychological strategies that have been used historically and in today’s modern vocal studios. Participants learn exactly how sounds from all vocal styles are produced and how to teach them successfully and healthfully.

Students learn to trust their teaching instincts and to “teach to the individual” rather than follow a system of methodical rules. The unique gifts and talents of every participant are cultivated and developed. Voice teachers emerge with confidence in the accuracy of their information, trust of their diagnostic ears, creativity in their teaching strategies, and unrestricted in their potential to help any singer improve. In short, this training develops true artists in the craft of Voice Teaching.

New York Vocal Coaching Founder Justin Stoney

From the first day of the course, Justin talked about vocal production so clearly and with updated and accurate information, not myths or beliefs. As a speech therapist and voice trainer, I want to be able to work from a solid foundation of knowledge that allows me the freedom to design my own methodology and tailor it to each singer in an effective and healthy way.

Marcelo Saldías O’Hrens

Marcelo Saldías O’Hrens Speech Pathologist/Vocologist, Singer and Voice Teacher

Course Curriculum

  • Lectures: Learn the foundations.

    In the Lecture, participants receive extremely comprehensive instruction on all aspects of the voice, vocal technique, and vocal pedagogy. This includes Breathing, Anatomy, Laryngeal Studies, Vocal Registration, Vocal Science, Acoustics, Resonance, Posture & Alignment, Diagnostics, “Vocal Exercise Design”©, Vocal Styles, Phonetics, Singer Psychology, and much more. Trainees will gain a complete understanding of the human voice and its application to vocal students. No stone is left unturned as the course covers virtually every practical aspect you'll need. Trainees will have the opportunity to address any and all questions or confusions with regard to vocal pedagogy. They will emerge with a masterful pedagogical understanding and supreme teaching confidence.

  • Observation: See concepts in action.

    In the Observation section, trainees observe vocal technique concepts applied to students taught live by Mr. Stoney. The majority of these observations sessions are performed in an interactive master class setting. The observations allow trainees to witness how vocal pedagogical concepts can be applied skillfully and practically to help singers make fast and tangible improvements to a wide variety of vocal issues. New York Vocal Coaching’s students represent a vast array of styles, levels, backgrounds, nationalities, and interests - allowing for a rich educational experience in diagnostic and practical vocal pedagogy.

  • Personal Study: Learning to relate.

    In the Personal Study section, trainees receive one-on-one training with Mr. Stoney. This session gives participants a vocal “blueprint” as to how the concepts covered in the Voice Teacher Training apply to their own singing. Having a nuanced understanding of one’s own vocal technique is vital for helping others. Personal study allows participants to gain a richer understanding of their own individual vocal technique as well as how to communicate their experience to their students.

  • Teaching: Hands-on experience.

    The Teaching section is a practicum that gives participants hands-on teaching experience under the care and guidance of Mr. Stoney. Trainees teach selected individuals from New York Vocal Coaching’s wide array of vocal students. The Teaching section is not a final exam or test, but rather a practical class setting guided by Mr. Stoney. As the Voice Teacher Trainee teaches, live feedback and guidance is offered with respect to developing a diagnostic ear and understanding how to instinctually and practically apply concepts of vocal pedagogy to singers in the vocal studio.

  • Listening: Hearing the details.

    The Listening section helps participants train their ears and learn to identify a wide variety of vocal qualities. Analyzing clips from many different artists and styles, participants receive guidance throughout the semester as they explore numerous examples for each vocal quality. Listening assignments mirror the Lecture component of the course, providing a deeper understanding of technical and stylistic topics. This prepares teachers to have greater confidence in assessing and collaborating with students of all styles.

  • Mentorship: Learn from the experts.

    The Mentorship component allows trainees the opportunity to be mentored by Mr. Stoney and other leading industry professionals during the Course through ongoing opportunities for Q&As, feedback, business consulting, and personal correspondence. Graduates of the Course have the option of continuing this mentorship through additional one-on-one sessions with selected staff from NYVC. The ongoing mentorship, separate from the 50-hour Voice Teacher Training, is a personalized curriculum based on the goals and needs of each graduate. It is designed to ensure that each participant is not only continuing their growth as a voice teacher, but also creating a successful and expanding business.

I had already been teaching voice for about five years in Japan, with tons of doubts and myths from the old school studies. In this 40-hour course I got so much great information, including anatomical studies, physics of the voice, and how the larynx works. I adore not just his methods, but his philosophy of teaching. There is no same voice, so no same lessons.

Mutsuko Kawamoto

Mutsuko Kawamoto Voice Teacher/Jazz Vocalist from Hiroshima, Japan

"Sing Like Never Before" Available Now!

Posted Saturday, October 17, 2020 1:51 AM

We're happy to announce that Sing Like Never Before, the new book by Justin Stoney, is now available!

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