40-Hour Voice Teacher Training & Certification

40-Hour Voice Teacher Training & Certification

The 40-Hour Voice Teacher Training & Certification is the comprehensive vocal pedagogy course offered by New York Vocal Coaching. This program equips any aspiring or experienced Voice Teacher with all the tools they need to teach vocal technique for all styles of singing- classical to contemporary. The NYVC Voice Teacher Training includes very thorough and in-depth lectures on all aspects of vocal pedagogy. The course also includes observation, private study, master classes, and a guided teaching practicum. Graduates emerge fully prepared to begin their own vocal studio, take their current teaching practice to exciting new levels, and understand their own vocal technique in greater ways than ever before.

10-Hour Advanced Voice Teacher Training Mini-Course

10-Hour Advanced Voice Teacher Training Mini-Course

Graduates of the NYVC Voice Teacher Training & Certification are welcome to continue their studies in the future with the Advanced Voice Teacher Training Mini-Course. These additional sessions are only for graduates of the full Voice Teacher Training course who would like to further explore their Voice Teaching craft. The Advanced Mini-Course can also serve as a refresher for graduates who are running successful vocal studios, but would like to sharpen their Voice Teaching with even more information and inspiration. Graduates are welcome to expand upon their Training and Certification with this additional course. For those who are really passionate about Voice Teaching, sometimes 40 hours still aren’t enough!

10-Hour Introductory Voice Teacher Training Mini-Course

10-Hour Introductory Voice Teacher Training Mini-Course

The NYVC Introductory Voice Teacher Training Mini-Course is ideal for international or out-of-state students traveling to New York for a short time. Voice Teachers often travel to NYC seeking pedagogical information and training to further their Voice Teaching practice. The Introductory Mini-Course allows participants to explore many of the benefits of the Voice Teacher Training & Certification in a short time frame. This training is not a prerequisite to the standard training. It is simply another option for those unable to participate in the full training. Introductory Mini-Course graduates are still eligible for participation in the 40-Hour Voice Teacher Training & Certification after completing this course.



In the LECTURE participants receive extremely comprehensive lectures on all aspects of the voice, vocal technique, and vocal pedagogy. This includes Breathing, Anatomy, Laryngeal Studies, Vocal Registration, Vocal Science, Acoustics, Resonance, Posture and Alignment, Diagnostics, “Vocal Exercise Design”©, Vocal Styles, Phonetics, Singer Psychology, and much more. In this section of the course, trainees will gain a complete understanding of the human voice and it’s application to vocal students. “No stone is left unturned” as the course covers virtually every practical aspect of singing, vocal pedagogy, and Voice Teaching. Trainees will have the opportunity to address any and all questions or confusions with regard to vocal pedagogy and will emerge with a masterful pedagogical understanding and supreme teaching confidence.


In the OBSERVATION section, participants observe vocal technique concepts applied to live singers at New York Vocal Coaching taught by Mr. Stoney. The majority of these observations sessions are performed in an interactive Master Class setting. The observations allow participants to witness how vocal pedagogical concepts can be applied skillfully and practically to help singers make fast and tangible improvements to a wide variety of vocal issues. New York Vocal Coaching’s students represent a extremely vast array of styles, levels, backgrounds, nationalities, and interests - allowing for a rich educational experience in diagnostic and practical vocal pedagogy.

Personal Study

In the PERSONAL STUDY section, participants receive one-on-one training with Mr. Stoney at New York Vocal Coaching in Midtown Manhattan. This gives participants a vocal “blueprint” as to how the concepts covered in the Voice Teacher Training apply to their own singing. Having a nuanced understanding of one’s own vocal technique is vital for helping others. Personal Study allows participants to gain a richer understanding of their own individual vocal technique as well as how to communicate their experience to their students.


The TEACHING section is a practicum that gives participants hands-on teaching experience under the care and guidance of Mr. Stoney. Trainees teach selected individuals from New York Vocal Coaching’s wide array of vocal students. The Teaching section is not an final exam or test, but rather a Master Class setting guided by Mr. Stoney. As the Voice Teacher trainee teaches, live feedback and guidance is offered with respect to developing a diagnostic ear and understanding how to instinctually and practically apply concepts of vocal pedagogy to singers in the vocal studio.

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Justin Stoney is an internationally-recognized Voice Teacher and Vocal Coach. One of the leading Voice Teachers in today’s music industry, he has appeared on the NBC Today Show, CBS, Fox News, Fox 5 New York, The Insider, and frequently as a guest on Huffington Post Live’s interviews of celebrity singers. His teaching has been featured in publications such as Esquire Magazine, Newsweek/The Daily Beast, SELF, NME, Fox News Magazine, Discovery News, Medical Daily, UK’s Daily Mail, Tech Times, and Backstage Magazine. Backstage readers also voted Mr. Stoney as one of New York City’s best Voice Teachers and Vocal Coaches. more